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iMaze Dev Days

It all started when Ercan came to me and saying “Why don’t we make a maze game?”

He was inspired by the movie called Maze Runner.He told me about his idea I said “Ok, Let’s do it.” and this happened

At the beginning of whole thing, iMaze was just a game that you were trying to going up uninterrupted by running away from the bottom of the camera.

We weren’t thinking about any score system or something.But the shit you just saw above was not the thing we want.It was the time to get out of the influence of the movie.

We asked ourselves what we want.Could you imagine that someone has never met with a maze? Do you know anybody who has never solved a maze? 


That was the thing.

We were gonna make a maze game that makes anybody who likes solving puzzles would want to carry the game in its pocket.A new puzzle in your pocket at anytime you want.

So we started to playing whole maze games ever released or the ones has a maze chapter or mazy things in it.And yes, I just said mazy :)

But the things were so wrong with all that games.First of all who wants 1000 levels in a game.It feels like it’ll never end.

Sometimes that is good but it can’t be good when it doesn’t matter how much I progress.That’s the wrong way of feeling.

Also on the other games, every level was the same.Once you finished a level it’s done because you don’t want to solve the same maze again, again and again right?

So Instead of adding thousands of thousands levels to provide the variety in the game we created difficulties.

Actually there are no levels in iMaze.There are difficulties.As long as you keep playing you will face to face with harder and bigger mazes.

And if you want to play that level again, magic works and a new maze will be ahead of you.

By the way, I really wish I could have been able to tell you the possibility of encountering the same labyrinth again in the game but I don’t know.

I felt this need to be calculated but my math is not good enough for it.If you think yours is that good contact me :)

Still, I know it takes millions of possibilities even in the easiest level.You can practically say it’s impossible.Even if you see the same maze again, trust me, you’ll never know.

Also no one has ever need to make other types of mazes except for the rectangle.That was the second thing.The secong privilage of iMaze.

We thought about what else we can do.We thought about triangle,circle,pentagon,hexagon,octagon,dodecagon and after a while it felt like ‘NO’.

I mean just ‘NO’.

We have to keep the things simple.So we decided to take the 3 main shapes in the nature which is square-triangle-circle and represent each of them with the 3 main colors which is red-green-blue to characterize them.

Try it!

Ask a random friend to tell you a random shape.

May some of them being a smartass and can tell you decagon or elips.But if you want them  to do it quickly there are 3 shapes that comes to minds first.

The rest of the process was making the game.We were the first ones who is trying to do it for the triangle maze and circular maze.Especially circular maze just fucked me up with its controller.

There was no tutorial bla bla bla ... I don’t want you to get bored with technical stuffs.

There was so many bugs,bugs,bugs .. Wait I didn’t want to write 3 bugs in a row.This must be a bug.Anyway I’ll come to fix that later.


In the end when all the core maze mechanics worked well, we added multiplayer to the game.

This way you were gonna be able to play the game with the people all around the world or your friends.

As simple as possible the multiplayer mechanics is as follows ..

The exit point for both player is the point that the other one born and since there is only one true way to the B point from A point in a maze, who is fastest wins the match.

iMaze was a long and a crazy ride and I’m so pleased to see it end.I hope on the rest of my life I would have other opportunities to make this kind of ideas comes to life.

That’s All Folks!

For Now!

If you ever have any crazy ideas that we can add  to the game, do not forget to contact us.

Enjoy The Games and remember,

It’s All About You